Haiku Organic Kukicha Tea

Organic Haiku Kukicha Twig Tea


Organic Haiku Kukicha Twig Tea

A delicious, delicate beverage made from select tea bush twigs and stems, steam dried and matured for three years. Aged twigs are roasted and combined with a touch of roasted tea leaves. Mild, soothing alkaline tea that is low in caffeine and can be enjoyed any time of day. Each Haiku teabag is filled with two full grams of delicious 100% Japanese Organic Kukicha Tea. Simply boil pure, spring water in one of our beautifully crafted German Glass Kettles, add Haiku teabag to teacup, pour boiling water in, and brew your Haiku Kukicha tea to your desired strength and enjoy!


Organic Haiku Kukicha Twig Tea

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