One Step Oxygen Cleaner for German Glass Kettles, Teapots, Coffee Makers and Mugs
One Step Oxygen Cleaner

Step One Cleanser cleans with oxygen rather than chemicals! Environmentally friend, non-toxic cleaner for glass. Simply dissolve 1 Tablespoon One Step in 1 gallon of warm water and soak to remove stubborn particles and residue. This stuff is AMAZING!!
8 oz Bag – Made in USA

NO: chlorine, bisulfites, organic compounds or phosphates.… Read More

Organic Chef Tom’s Favorite Green Tea Brew

    Organic Chef Tom has brewed his favorite organic green tea every morning for over 40 years. His favorite organic green tea is Nagata loose organic green tea. Loose green tea has more flavor than teabags. Our German Glass … Read More

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea
Organic Hibiscus Tea

Traditional Medicine Organic Hibiscus is one of our favorites with it’s tart, tangy, fruity taste. Delicious served hot or cold.
Traditional Medicinals sources the hibiscus flowers from organic farms in Egypt. Caffeine free.

16 Individually Wrapped Teabags

 … Read More

Trendglas German Glass Coffee Pour Over
German Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker

Brew your delicious organic coffee in this beautiful German Glass Coffee Pour Over made from heat resistant, borosilicate glass.  This unique coffee maker features a German Glass filter and bamboo ring. Makes 4-8 cups… Read More

Trendglas Vesuv Stove Top Kettle
Vesuv Stove Top German Glass Water Kettle

The new Vesuv stove-top water kettle features a flat glass lid and large handle. Boil water quickly with this non-toxic beauty. It is suitable for gas, electric, and glass-ceramic top stoves. 36 oz capacity – 4.5 cups… Read More

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